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New Platform Feature – Townfolio Demographic Projections

How does an organization, a community, or a government make the right decisions on important matters like policy, investments, or social matters? How does a group of people, regardless of its size, ensure it’s using the right information to inform those decisions?

If you’ve been reading the Townfolio blog for any period of time, you may already know where this is going.

Save Time, Increase Accuracy

That’s right – we’re talking about data. Specifically, we’re talking about how municipalities can get access to information they collect themselves (what we refer to as “1st-party” data). In Canada, “3rd party” is primarily accumulated and provided by Statistics Canada in the form of the National Census. Unfortunately, the National Census only comes along once every 5 years – and sometimes it’s just not ideal to wait that long.

That’s why Townfolio has released a new feature into its suite of products. We’ve created a unique model that allows communities to build projections using the most recently available data in a number of key areas. Using our own models, communities can trust that these projections are as accurate as can be. 

The Ingredients

We won’t bore you with the secret sauce here. But we’ve compared our recipe to many other models and methodologies and we’re very confident in the validity of our projections. By measuring various demographic factors – like gender, age, and segmented population data – Townfolio is now able to help municipalities of all sizes make informed decisions on policies, investments, and strategic planning. 

By utilizing the Townfolio Demographic Projections, an economic development office will be able to make faster decisions with a greater degree of confidence. There’s no need to rely on potentially outdated (and thus inaccurate) data from an old census report or delay a decision waiting for a new census report. 

Want to Learn More?

If you think there’s a chance that your community or economic development office could utilize the Townfolio Demographic Projection feature, please contact us. Let’s talk about how we can integrate this Tool into your existing subscription with us, or how we can get you started with the Townfolio Platform. 

You can email me at  I’m always happy to arrange a personal online demonstration of the Projection Tool, the Townfolio Platform, or any of our other Platform Features you may be interested in.

Thanks for reading!