About Refinery Labs

Fueling Mission Critical Business Intelligence

Why Refinery Labs?

We’re on a mission to create better economic futures for people and places using data.

If used effectively, data can be a company’s biggest asset after its people. After careers in consulting and finance, the Refinery Labs founders noticed that businesses lacked the utilization of market intelligence to guide strategic decisions and as they dug into it, it became apparent that businesses weren’t even using their own internal data.

With competitiveness increasing rapidly, any company not effectively utilizing its own business intelligence in combination with external data will increasingly be left behind.

The above problems sparked the idea to create what is now build Refinery Labs. The company originally launched as Townfolio in 2015. Townfolio has since become a product of Refinery Labs which provides market data on municipalities.

If you would like to see what we’re learning, researching and sharing, check out our insights.

Who We Are

Ever watched the movie Moneyball? We loved the concept enough to make it our ethos.

We search for anomalies, finding the signal that helps clients make data-driven decisions. It’s how we work. We do the same thing when adding team members and it’s also why we chose to locate our team in Saskatoon, Canada. It’s an often-overlooked city with talented people. The perfect place to build a stealth data company.

Who We Work With

We partner with select industry-leading executives with a focus on real estate, finance, government, and resources.

Our clients are forward thinkers who are open to change and want to move fast to keep pace with the top trends. They are thinking about how to be relevant for the next 10 months and the next 10 years. They know that bureaucracy and complacency will turn them into a case study.

They also recognize that data is crucial to their strategy and daily workflows and Refinery Labs works behind the scenes to turn data into their biggest advantage.