Data Sharing Policy

All Users

As a user of the Townfolio and Refinery Labs platforms (referred to below as Townfolio), you are in control of who can see information about you. If you do not wish to have a piece of automated information shared please notify Townfolio administration for removal of this information. You can choose to share your Townfolio profile on other websites, social media platforms, by email, or keep it to yourself.

Any direct messages sent within the Townfolio system are always private between the sender and recipient(s). Data inputted into your Townfolio by you is always public unless otherwise stated.

We have no obligation to examine or evaluate the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, copyright compliance, legality or any other aspect of the data you share with Townfolio. You shall be solely responsible for obtaining all authority and consents for uploading, sharing and using data with the Townfolio and the accuracy, integrity and legality of the data shared with Townfolio, the means by which you acquire data, and the manner of use of data. Any data that is public information and not personal information may be shared with other software applications and used by third-party applications or third-party companies including public data uploaded to your user account. To the extent that any of the user account data or other data is personal information, then Townfolio will deal with it in accordance with the Privacy Policy which we have adopted. We shall have the right to use anonymized data and statistics extracted from access and use by you and your authorized users in any way necessary to enhance Townfolio’s services for the benefit of all subscribers.

Any data displayed on Townfolio may not be copied, shared, reproduced, or displayed elsewhere without consent from Townfolio and reference to Townfolio as the information source.


Your business name and personal contact information will remain anonymous on Townfolio unless you choose to keep your presence publibc. Your profiles visits may be shared with Townfolio community users without revealing your business name and personal contact information. Your province, state, or country and business industry may be recorded and shared with Townfolio community users.