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Townfolio Summer 2018 Product Update

Over the summer, Townfolio worked hard to ensure that our software remained the best analytics platform for government officials and data analysts. We had a chat with our clients to gauge their most urgent needs, as a result we developed some new features to make sure every user is empowered to succeed at their roles.

These new tools and features are meant to help clients understand the state of different communities and make more informed policy decisions based on the datasets provided. This will help communities get the Townfolio Advantage. The Townfolio Advantage includes the multiple benefits that our users receive from using Townfolio for more success.

Compare Tools

  • Gauge economic performance of your community in relation to other communities in the same area or with a similar size.

Export Automated Community Profile

  • Export automated community profiles to ensure updated data at a cheaper rate for community marketing and investment attraction

Benchmark Tools

  • Tools to learn about the major strengths in your community coupled with support to help you find out how you can use those strengths to build community strategy.

Downloadable Charts

  • The ability to download data sets as Excel Sheets OR PDFs to install reports for presentations and analysis.

Please review our new pricing page here to see how you can get the Townfolio Advantage!