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(Site Selection + Investment Attraction) + Digital Network = Global Opportunities

(Part 2/3 articles explaining Townfolio, you can also view Part 1 or Part 3)

Finding Opportunities in a Globalized Economy

So now that you know the problem we see in the EcDev industry, we want to share our solution.

To get a bit more technical, Townfolio, at heart, is a data company with multiple upcoming software solutions, not just one.

Townfolio helps the public + private sector make sense of complex economic & government data through the creation of useful and visually appealing software. Our software assists with investment attraction efforts, site selection among many other uses, like making a decision on where to move.

Our main goal is to help the public and private sectors find new business opportunities in a globalized economy.

Business in the digital world has no geographical boundaries but finding localized data that’s specific, accurate and up-to-date is still very time-consuming and/or very expensive and that’s something we want to change.

More Than Just a Community Profile

Our flagship software solution (named after our company — Townfolio) attempts to solve this problem by creating a network of digitzed community profiles (we call them Townfolios).

The Townfolios are all connected through an always evolving search engine to help users find the right community according to what specific requirements they have, saving a ton of search time.

Just as the search is always evolving, so are the features. Here’s what we’re brewing up:

  • PDF/XLS Exports — Export up-to-date profile data on demand
  • Widget Embedding — Power your website with Townfolio Charts
  • Analytics (BETA) — PRO customers can track visitor location & pageviews
  • Compare (BETA) — Compare communities to one-another
  • Dashboard for Communities (in development)
  • Real Estate Listings Integration (coming soon)

In case you’re wondering about data, Townfolios feature common data such as population to the more complex such as utility and real estate data, with new datasets being added on a continuous basis. We have dozens of different data sources, but we’re most proud of working directly with communities to get as much proprietary data as possible.

Townfolios are currently live in the Canadian Prairies and soon to launch across Canada with other countries to be considered down the road.

The next step soon to follow is to diversify our network to include expanding companies, site selectors and entrepreneurs, making Townfolio the network where Investment Attraction meets Site Selection to create new opportunities. You can read more about our goal of building a network here.

If you want to attract new investment, save time, and save money by automating your community profile, claim your FREE Townfolio today!

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