SK Data Updates

March 2019 Saskatchewan Economic Update (beta)

Hi Everyone, we’re trying something new at Townfolio. Monthly economic updates from Statscan releases at the CMA and Provincial level.

We are starting this as a test in Saskatchewan to gain feedback. This data is 100% valid, the layout will improve.

If feedback is favourable, we will roll this out nationwide with an option to add your own logo to circulate to your own members.

March 2019 Economic Updates for Saskatoon (CMA), Regina (CMA), and Saskatchewan – (please note these are the latest figures according to Statscan where not all datasets are updated to March 2019)

Population Estimates

Employment Rates


Housing Starts

Retail Sales


Housing Price Index


Did you value the update? Ideas on how we can make it better? Want to see if for your area? Let us know!