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How To Create Custom Charts on Townfolio


You asked and we’ve delivered! You can now create your own custom charts in Townfolio!

The custom chart creator is something we’re extremely excited to release.

Whether economic development data, planning data, or third party data (for example projections, health, or crime data) you now have the power to build and update Townfolio charts for yourself.

Want to watch the How-To Video? See Below.

How to bulk upload data into Townfolio

First you want to build out your data in an Excel/Numbers File. You only need to set up three columns. For the first column, put in the variable, then put in the timeline for the second column and then the value on the third column. Please review the example below for standard Electricity Rates.

After setting this up on an Excel Document, it’s important to save the document as a CSV. The CSV format is what allows our software to read your data.

Open up your admin and click ‘Chart Controls’ and then on the top right you should see a button called ‘Create Custom Chart’. Please review the image below for assistance.

Then, after this, please add the title, location and the date for the new chart.

NOTE: Chart Styles will usually be the column option

After this Import the CSV.

You should get an opportunity to preview the datasets you just uploaded to make sure everything looks accurate as shown below.

Once you are sure the data is accurate, press ‘Save’ and then ‘View Profile’.

You should see a nice looking custom chart as shown below 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on our instant chat or contact us. Thanks!

What is Townfolio? Townfolio provides city data as a service. Originally focusing on economic development software. Townfolio has evolved into a platform to: automate the community profile, provide city benchmarks and comparisons, along with completely customizable dashboards for city planning or city performance, a widget to add the dashboards to government and economic development websites, and export features to automate reporting. While main interest has come from city and county governments, economic development agencies, NGOs and other public sector clients are using Townfolio.