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What is Townfolio?

What is Townfolio & How Does it Work?

Townfolio is an investment attraction network for municipalities, entrepreneurs, and site selectors. We started out as a data solution for economic developers, but have grown into a marketplace where entrepreneurs can easily browse opportunities in different regions, site selectors can easily find up-to-date local data and statistics, and economic developers no longer have to worry about updating the data on their local websites.

Our software pulls data from over 30 sources ranging from census to various databases, while we work closely with local economic developers ensuring any data is current and accurate.

For Entrepreneurs & Site Selectors

Townfolio is the marketplace where communities can share business opportunities and highlight industries they are looking to attract with site selectors and entrepreneurs who are searching . Not only does this save time and effort, but having visualized local data helps make better, data-driven business decisions.

For Economic Developers

Townfolio was created to help economic developers share current data with the entrepreneurs and site selectors who are searching. On Townfolio, economic developers from every town, county, and region across North America are able to claim their Townfolio for free.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The economic developer of a town requests to claims the Townfolio for their town.
  2. We verify the request – making sure it is legitimate. (Only economic developers are able to claim the Townfolio to ensure the integrity of the profile, data, and network.)
  3. Once verified, the economic developer works with our team to set up and maximize the Townfolio adding in a cover photo, town biography, highlighting key industries, and sharing business opportunities.

We are also able to embed our software directly on to local websites and build custom data sets (like mill rates) as a part of our Pro Plan. If you are more curious to learn about the Pro Plan please contact us.