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Case Study: The Cost Savings of Economic Development Software

At the start of our journey near the end of 2015, we realized that Townfolio was contributing to a fairly substantial sum of time and money saved so we decided to quantify it. Here’s what we came up with.

Over the past three years, through thousands of conversations combined with secondary research, we see Townfolio saving the average client around $18,000 or over 200 hours over the span of three years.

Many users have told us this is likely on the low end, especially clients who manage or compare data across multiple cities and regions. In fact, a client recently reported to us that they believe Townfolio saves them 160 hours every single year on their community profile for just one city!

Although built originally as economic development software to automate the community profile, Townfolio’s platform is being accessed by numerous industries across the public and private sectors.

Within municipalities, economic developers, planners, city managers, community developers and researchers are particularly taking interest in Townfolio, along with economic development organizations and chambers of commerce and workforce planning boards.

Whether updating your PDF community profile, adding economic development data to your website in-house or hiring a third-party to manually do so, our software saves major time and money.

Here’s where the cost savings roll in:

1. Townfolio Automates the Research and Aggregation of Your Data

No more scanning endless websites and PDF’s we get the data for you. Let’s also not forget, our compare and benchmark features also save you even more research time.

2. No More Time Wasted on Updating Your Data

It’s one thing to find the data once, it’s quite another pain to constantly update your profile or website every week or every month. Townfolio automates this in the click of a button.

3. Don’t Waste Time Building Graphs 

Imagine needing to rebuild a graph for every single presentation or whenever your newest set of building permits comes out. Sounds like a waste of time, right? Well, that’s how most of our clients were previously doing things.

Townfolio creates interactive charts for your website but you can also take them offline with the ability to export images, PDFs, and XLS.

4. Extra Exposure on

What’s the added benefits of joining the 100’s of cities getting exposure from Townfolio’s traffic? We haven’t fully quantified this one yet. Although we never make promises, Townfolio’s platform has been used by visitors from over 100 countries from all over the world by a wealth of visitor groups, from people looking to move to academic researchers to site selectors and expanding companies. With this traffic we’ve been able to generate real leads for our city promoter clients, even helping Kindersley, SK secure millions in real estate development deals.

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What is Townfolio? Townfolio features automated community profiles, interactive dashboards for economic development and municipal websites, city comparisons and more. Learn more here.