The Refinery Labs Portfolio

While most of our private sector work is confidential, we created a portfolio to give a quick look at of some of our select public projects to date.

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Performance Dashboards

It’s never been more important to foster transparent communication with your community. But how can you create that conversation? Townfolio's new "Community Performance Dashboard" is the best way to inform your citizens through customizable key performance indicators.

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economic development strategy

Townfolio Community Profile Platform

No more data updates, no more PDFs, no more Excel charts, Townfolio updates your community profile from the most trusted and current data with the click of a button. Verify your profile to tell your story and add in custom data to showcase your municipality. Townfolio’s visitor base is global and generating real leads from entrepreneurs to large companies.

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Census profile

Website Dashboards

Like community profiles, but powering your website at a price point your municipality can afford. Add even more custom data, let site selectors export raw data, or download charts for your next report. With one line of code, Townfolio powers your website with always up-to-date data on your municipality.

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Analytical Tools

We built a tool to compare and benchmark the millions of municipal data points on the Townfolio platform.

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